Best Financial Credit Union


(Individuals under 18 must apply in person or by mail)



Application Terms & Authorization

By completing and submitting an application, I/we certify that:

  • I/we have read, understood and agree to all of the disclosures & terms stated here and through the application process:
  • The information I/we have provided is accurate and complete and submitted for the purpose of obtaining credit;
  • I/we understand that the final approval is subject to the lender’s verification of the information provided in this application and to the additional terms and conditions contained in the approval notice

I/we understand that my loan rates will be determined by an evaluation of my credit and may vary from the lowest rate shown if my loan is approved.

CREDIT CARD Applicants: I agree that my use of the credit card or number will bind me to the terms and conditions of my credit card agreement and the credit card account opening disclosure that I will receive with my credit card if the application is approved.

If this is a joint application, by submitting this application both applicants certify that they intend to apply jointly, have provided their personal information and agree to the terms of the account.

I/we authorize you to:

  • Obtain information from consumer reporting agencies (credit bureaus) with respect to this application;
  • Verify information contained in this loan application and in any of the documents required in connection with the loan, either before the loan is closed or after it is closed as part of our quality control program. Best Financial Credit Union may send this authorization to any party named in any document of the loan application

It is a federal crime to defraud a financial institution or to knowingly submit or represent false information to obtain credit from a financial institution 18 USC 1344.

All loan approvals are subject to final review and additional information and documentation may be required.

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